Quick Pallet Maker

Quick Pallet Maker Change History

Version 5.5.0 from 4.8.4 - Posted January 11, 2018

  • AF: Speed increase across the board. Quicker calculations and less memory usage from internal algorithm optimizations.
  • NF: Visible internal case dividers when starting from primary packages.
  • NF: Support for high-resolution displays (Retina).
  • NF: SQLite support in Standard Cases and Pallets window allows copying data across computers.
  • AF: Support for exporting pallet reports to PDF in Windows.

Version 4.8.4 from 4.8.3 - Posted September 19, 2016

  • [All-731] BF: Fixed bug that won't let you read all the information on "Fill Container".
  • [All-733] BF: Fixed issue that shows Koona, LLC as an unknown editor on the uninstall dialog.
  • [All-855] NF: Change units option is now available from "Fill Container".
  • [All-1019] BF: Printing issue in 4-level packaging.
  • [All-1020] NF: "Alternate Layer" feature added to the "Pallet Action" option on the "Tools" menu.
  • [All-1024] BF: Issue mixing boxes and cylinders in pallets.
  • [All-1025] NF: Added an Excel import format for the windows: "Start from Box", "Fill Container" and "Load Multiple Packages".
  • [All-1027] BF: Box 2D drawing is not working properly.
  • [All-1028] BF: Issue when filling standard boxes with multiple packages.
  • [All-1032] BF: Fix plural words.
  • [All-1034] BF: Fix capitalized words.
  • [All-1037] BF: The "Fix Column" option was removed from the contextual menu on "Fill Container" due to lack of functionality.
  • [All-1038] BF: The extra columns on "Start from Box" were removed.
  • [All-1039] BF: Issue editing table rows on "Fill Container".

Version 4.8.3 from 4.8.2 - Posted February 11, 2016

  • [All-264] NF: Drag pallets across windows.
  • [All-703] AF: Improved modal windows behavior.
  • [All-783] AF: Improved modal windows behavior. Related case: 703.
  • [All-801] AF: Improved modal windows behavior. Related case: 703.
  • [All-723] AF: Improved delete data function on "Fill Container" and "Start from box" tables.
  • [All-742] NF: Constrain the pallet placement in a container. Orientation restriction.
  • [All-743] BF: Reports in a different language to the QPM version were removed.
  • [All-764] NF: Add buttons to increase and decrease XYZ values on "Layer Editor".
  • [All-766] BF: Bad cylinder views at "Layer Editor" and "Available solution".
  • [All-768] AF: Control panel shows QPM app without ID.
  • [All-769] BF: Fixed pallet drawing in "Box Compression" window.
  • [All-773] BF: Improved SVG pallet output.
  • [All-774] BF: Improve formatting in multipallet html report.
  • [All-775] NF: Change the box drawing by clicking the image like at the "Detailed Report".
  • [All-779] AF: Now you can Paste and Delete an image from the logo box at the "Detailed Report".
  • [All-782] AF: Notification window for new available updates.
  • [All-795] BF: Improved feature for "Mix layers and optimize in height".
  • [All-798] BF: Correction of report name in the "Export" menu to "Detailed Report (graphics)".
  • [All-800] BF: Fixed bug in "Advanced Data Load" feature, reverse results.
  • [All-802] BF: Not available image at "Fill container".
  • [All-803] NF: Added a mute button for the "Layer editor".
  • [All-804] BF: Fixed Primary package import command on the primary package window.
  • [All-806] BF: Fixed Primary package import option on the "File" menu.
  • [All-807] BF: "Load Multiple Package" window does not have a title.
  • [All-808] BF: Issues importing packages on "Fill container".
  • [All-811] BF: App error when exporting tab delimited bill of materials from "Fill container"
  • [All-812] AF: Missing container imagen if you go back to the input data.
  • [All-813] BF: Useless option in export pallet on the “File” menu.
  • [All-814] BF: Useless option in export "Palletizing Movie" on the “File” menu.
  • [All-817] AF: Improved user interface.
  • [All-815] BF: It was not possible to export the box drawing from "Fill container".
  • [All-824] BF: Incomplete report and bug exporting to excel bill of materials from "Fill container".
  • [All-826] BF: Loop on "Fill container" when the "Print Report" action is cancel.
  • [All-829] BF: App would crash when importing boxes from the "Start from Box".
  • [All-830] BF: App would crash when exporting the "Fill Sequence" and "Bill of Materials" from "Fill Container".
  • [All-831] BF: App would crash when exporting the "Movie" from "Fill Container".
  • [All-835] BF: Removed useless paste option on the "Edit" menu.
  • [All-836] AF: Improvement of the "Create shipment" feature.
  • [All-839] BF: App would crash on "Fill Container" with "Black and White" drawings.
  • [All-841] BF: Separate Primary Packages option was not working properly.
  • [All-844] BF: Black & white option now is working on all window.
  • [All-845] BF: "Convert data on unit change" option was not working properly on all windows.
  • [All-846] BF: Window menu shows windows that were not open.
  • [All-848] BF: Removed defective feature for display the pallets gravity center.
  • [OSX-849] BF: Removed activation and deactivation options from the OSX menu.
  • [All-853] BF: Fixed bug on feature "Rotate Layes Above" from the "Layer Editor".
  • [All-852] BF: Changing layers did not refresh the pallet drawing on the "Layer Editor".
  • [All-857] AF: Displays a message when an issue occurs mixing pallets.
  • [All-956] BF: Flipped boxes in "Fill Container" display incorrectly.
  • [OSX-961] BF: Drawing crash on Mac when calculating box fill.
  • [All-964] BF: "Load Multiple Package" window shows wrong window data.
  • [All-965] NF: Reduce the size of a box that was calculated with excessive slack.
  • [All-978] BF: Fixed bug on "Load Solution" feature.
  • [All-987] BF: App would crash when working with 2D drawings on "Fill Container".
  • [All-988] BF: Issues with 2D containers load drawing.
  • [All-1002] BF: Inconsistency between the pallet drawing and the pallet load when mixing pallets.
  • [All-1003] BF: Wrong message when alternating layers.
  • [All-1003] BF: Primary package orientation bug when filling boxes. Detected on the "Detailed Report".

Version 4.8.2 from 4.8.1 - Posted July 27, 2015

  • [All-781] NF: New pallet report shows pallet drawing along the fill information and list of boxes.
  • [All-702] BF: Mixed pallets crashed app when optimizing further or alternating layers.
  • [All-704] AF: Improved Welcome message.
  • [All-705] AF: Improved pallet results table legibility.
  • [All-707] AF: Improved modal windows behavior.
  • [All-720] AF: Code and Description columns in Start from Box window are now editable.
  • [All-725] AF: New template for printing reports in Detailed Report window only with pallet data.
  • [All-762] AF: Deactivate Serial Number function now removes the serial number completely instead of just deactivating it.
  • [All-703] BF: "Buy it Now" window interfered with other applications. Changed from global to app window.
  • [All-708] BF: Calculation bug would deliver incorrect pallet length and width for boxes with decimals, using some international notations.
  • [All-709] BF: Colors couldn't be edited when starting from box dimensions.
  • [All-710] BF: Start from Box table would show the wrong column heading.
  • [All-713] BF: Removed empty slots in View menu at start.
  • [All-717] BF: Pasting boxes with decimals in international versions would deliver incorrect results.
  • [All-721] BF: Useless floating menu bar was removed.
  • [All-722] BF: Text in Spanish was incorrectly cased.
  • [All-724] BF: App would crash when quitting during demo countdown.
  • [All-730] BF: Start from Box window showed inconsistent column headers and formatting.
  • [All-732] BF: Selecting an item from the list in the Container Fill table would provide information for a different one.
  • [All-736] BF: Shipment templates are now available by default.
  • [All-737] BF: Fixed abbreviations in Spanish text.
  • [All-739] BF: Demo countdown window would not show the Expired message when the period was over.
  • [All-741] BF: Layer Editor would crash with new boxes on layers in specific arrangements.
  • [All-747] BF: Layer Editor would crash when closing background (master) window.
  • [All-748] BF: Reordering pallets by clicking on the columns in the Available Solutions window would deliver incorrect results.
  • [All-750] BF: Inserting a box with packages in a Layer Editor that had been called up with empty boxes would crash the app.
  • [All-751] BF: Mixing boxes (empty and full) in the Layer Editor and then reapplying the layer would deliver incorrect results.
  • [All-754] BF: Expanding the Available Solutions window would make the pallet drawing disappear until it was refreshed manually.
  • [All-757] BF: Contiguos boxes with decimals were not allowed to move in the Layer Editor.
  • [All-758] BF: App would crash when choosing "Import Primary Package" from the package drawing and then canceling.
  • [All-761] BF: Fixed error in drawings in Box Compression window when dragging boxes from the Standard Cases and Pallets window directly to the Start from Box window. Related case: 769.
  • [All-767] BF: Box compression window would deliver incorrect results when stacking pallets.

Version 4.8.1 from 4.8.0 - Posted May 18, 2015

  • [All] NF: Create Bill of Materials when filling containers. For an example, please visit this page.
  • [All] BF: Bug fixes.

Version 4.7.9 from 4.7.8 - Posted September 4, 2013

  • [All] BF: Bug fixes.

Mac OSX App Store Version 5.0 from 4.7.8 - Posted May 23, 2013

  • [All] AF: Internal memory optimization. Application uses SQLite to store package, box, pallet and container information. Makes everything run faster.
  • [All] NF: Box dividers are visible in drawings for single length, width and height dividers, for cell partitions and square liners. All other divider types add the corrugate thickness but they are not drawn.
  • [All] NF: Variable Tray Height. Enter a tray/total-box-height index in the Box Properties window to vary the drawing display.
  • [All] AF: Better box creation using cylinders and bottles.
  • [OSX] AF: Available through the Mac App Store (at a discounted price).
  • [OSX] AF: Signed application will run without issues in Mac OSX Lion and above.
  • [All] AF: Entering formulas into the pallet and container tables within the Standard Cases and Pallets window will calculate the result. This is very practical for when you need to do unit conversions on the fly.

Version 4.7.8 from 4.7.7 - Posted April 1, 2013

  • [All] BF: Boxes with similar sizes were reassigned to the wrong SKUs when calculating multiple items on a list of pallets.
  • [All] BF: Minor bug fixes.

Version 4.7.5 from 4.7.4 - Posted August 11, 2012

  • [All] AF: Maximum pallet load height for standard pallets can be edited and used for load calculations. For an example movie of how this is done, please click here.
  • [APnShip] BF: Some pallet calculations were showing an incorrect drawing.

Version 4.7.4 from 4.7.3 - Posted June 26, 2012

  • [All] BF: Mixed containers showed wrong amount of pallets and boxes.
  • [All] BF: Crash 0056 when redrawing pallets has been removed.

Version 4.7.3 from 4.7.2 - Posted June 02, 2012

  • [All] BF: Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Version 4.7.2 from 4.7 - Posted January 16, 2012

  • [All] BF: Incorrect calculation when using comma-delimited decimals.
  • [All] BF: Some instances of pallet drawings would crash.
  • [All] BF: Length-wise cylinders would not calculate in single-item container fill.

Version 4.6 from 4.5 - Posted April 20, 2010

  • [All] NF: Center of gravity can be displayed for all calculated pallets in the Available Solutions window and printed.
  • [All] BF: Input files saved in the Start From Box window will be opened in that window.
  • [APnShip] AF: Oval bottle primary packages.
  • [APnShip] AF: RSC drawing dimensions can be edited directly in the drawing by right-clicking on the dimensions.
  • [All] BF: Report display was not showing different options for HTML printout.
  • [All] BF: Fixed crash when starting from new preferences folder.

Version 4.5 from 4.4.9 - Posted August 11, 2009

  • [All] NF: Functional Quick Pallet Maker web-based server. Final spec to be defined.
  • [All] NF: Pallet lists with multiple boxes can now be exported to the MS Excel 2003 XML spreadsheet format which is readable by MS Excel version 2003 and above, besides other apps like OpenOffice Calc.
  • [All] AF: Clicking "Optimize" on a Type 10 calculated pallet delivers equivalent optimizations but with alternative patterns. If no pattern is available with the same amount of cartons per pallet, then nothing will appear.
  • [All] BF: Advanced Input Options window can now calculate cylindrical package box fill and will not crash if this option has been selected.

Version 4.4.5 from 4.4.4 - Posted January 03, 2009

  • [All] BF: Fixed SVG export error for boxes and primary packages.
  • [All] BF: Fixed small case drawings when pasting standard boxes to list.
  • [All] AF: Improved cylinder on pallet calculations.
  • [All] BF: Other bug fixes and internal method improvements.

Version 4.4.4 from 4.4.3 - Posted December 15, 2008

  • [Win] BF: Improved Windows XP compatibility.
  • [All] BF: Compiled with improved version of IDE.
  • [All] BF: Disabled automatic solution lookup that slowed down the program.
  • [All] BF: Various bug fixes.

Version 4.4.3 from 4.4.2 - Posted December 01, 2008

  • [Win] BF: Improved Vista compatibility.
  • [All] BF: Bugs fixed within box fill calculations.

Version 4.4.2 from 4.4.1 - Posted November 24, 2008

  • [All] NF: Selecting more than one pallet in the Available Solutions window and then printing will deliver one or more pages with the drawings of all the pallets.
  • [Win] BF: Fixed a weird quitting bug in Windows XP when the app was unregistered.
  • [All] BF: Some calculations would provide inaccurate results.

Version 4.4.1 from 4.4.0 - Posted November 18, 2008

  • [All] NF: Pallets can now be dragged from the Available Solutions window to the Container Fill window.
  • [All] NF: Boxes can also be dragged from the Available Solutions window to the Container Fill window.
  • [All] NF: Calculated boxes can be saved as a package list from the Available Solutions window to be reused in 4-Level packaging problems.
  • [Win] BF: Improved Vista-compatibility.
  • [All] BF: Fixed a bug that wouldn't draw the selected box in the Standard Cases and Pallets window when starting up for the first time.
  • [All] BF: Fixed another bug that wouldn't show the detailed report when starting up for the first time.
  • [All] BF: Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow the program to open a box file without any window open.
  • [All] BF: Fixed another bug that wouldn't draw the primary packages of a multiple-size list.
  • [All] BF: Incorrect items deleted from the box list.
  • [All] BF: Better pallet calculation using multiple items.

Version 4.4.0 from 4.3.6 - Posted November 04, 2008

  • [All] AF: Added capability for importing comma-delimited box list files directly.
  • [All] AF: Multiple pallets can be imported to the container fill window either by using "Load Solutions" or by pressing ctrl while clicking on the "Import Pallet" button.
  • [All] BF: Faster box drawing in pallets and containers.
  • [All] BF: Other bug fixes.

Version 4.3.6 from 4.3.5 - Posted August 26, 2008

  • [All] BF: Imperial unit standard case drawings are now updated as expected.
  • [All] AF: Container shipping routes and costs can be pasted from a spreadsheet onto the container info.
  • [All] BF: Detailed pallet pictures in containers are placed in the correct order now.
  • [All] BF: Bug in optimization algorithm would sometimes create intersecting objects.
  • [All] BF: Shipment files that are opened from the container fill window will not run automatically.
  • [All] BF: Pallets with only one item loaded from a shipment onto the container fill window are not drawn empty.
  • [All] NF: Pallets and boxes can be sorted from the list in the container fill window, making it much easier to calculate container loads.
  • [All] BF: Fixed a crash when saving a pallet from the container fill window.
  • [All] BF: Going back to the container fill input window will now reset the counter in the second tab.
  • [All] AF: Loading a full shipment in containers will display the pallets and boxes in contains in the table within the input tab.
  • [All] BF: Cylinders in trays would crash or display incorrectly with some orientations in the Layer Editor.

Version 4.3.5 from 4.3.3 - Posted August 01, 2008

  • [All] BF: Container Editor would crash and/or not display the appropriate items using the new drawing system.
  • [All] BF: New container fill algorithm would mix the cases inappropriately.
  • [All] BF: Fixed crash in mixed pallets in containers.
  • [All] AF: In general, app runs smoother.

Version 4.3.3. from 4.3.2 - Posted May 05, 2008

  • [All] AF: Selector now allows containers to be filled from back to front or from bottom to top.
  • [All] AF: Threaded container calculation prevents QPM from not responding when calculating. About time.
  • [All] AF: Simplified container and shipment files save disk space and accelerate the Shipment Bill Of Materials.
  • [All] BF: Fixed the preferences corruption errors. Really, it's about time we did this.
  • [All] BF: Containers with many small packages in pallets will not crash the application.
  • [All] BF: Fixed bug concerning empty containers.

Version 4.3.2 from 4.3.1 - Posted March 24, 2008

  • [All] AF: Improved container and pallet drawing performance.
  • [All] AF: Items in containers are now selectable from the list on the left side.
  • [All] AF: Pallet and box properties are editable within the container fill.
  • [All] BF: Multiple bug fixes.

Version 4.3.1 from 4.3 - Posted January 28, 2008

  • [All] BF: Pallet drawings when adding directly to container fill window and changing colors would be incorrect.
  • [All] BF: Improved filling algorithms. Huge gaps were left within a pallet load when using multiple types of items in small quantities.
  • [All] AF: Improved container routes window.
  • [All] BF: Other fixes we can't recall but that will make your life much easier.

Version 4.3 from 4.2.1 - Posted December 31, 2007

  • [All] NF: Boxes that have been calculated can be dragged to the Standard Cases and Pallets window for later use.
  • [All] NF: Standard boxes can now be dragged from the appropriate window to the Start From Box window.
  • [All] NF: Included a stacking restriction for fragile pallets in the Container Fill window.
  • [All] NF: Pallets calculated from boxes can now be stabilized.
  • [All] NF: Container editor works similar to pallet layer editor.
  • [All] AF: Container calculation is faster for small boxes in large containers.
  • [All] AF: Pallets are rearranged in case the maximum load weight has been achieved.
  • [All] AF: Layers can now be alternated through the Layer Editor (very convenient).
  • [All] AF: Carton density can be changed through the Preferences file.
  • [All] AF: Carton weight can be edited through the Preferences file, too.
  • [All] AF: Container drawing is faster for boxes with many primary packages.
  • [All] AF: Container items can be dragged from one container to the other within a shipment.
  • [All] AF: Pallet layer editor can now duplicate layers and fill empty space if the layer height is not uniform.
  • [All] AF: Pallet drawing type can be stored in the preferences file. This is useful for storing slipsheets as a pallet type option without having to set the drawing type to "slab" every time. Besides, it works even after saving.
  • [All] AF: Added code and description to box drawing in Available Solutions window.
  • [All] BF: Pallet load volume was incorrectly calculated in Layer Editor.
  • [All] BF: If calculating pallets using the "Calculate Multiple Boxes" command, the program would crash if there were excessive boxes that couldn't be loaded.
  • [All] BF: Box drawing when starting from box would not update when changing the view.
  • [All] BF: Pallet drawing would not draw overhang correctly neither in the Available Solutions window nor in the Layer Editor.
  • [All] BF: Slab drawings were not working since a long time ago and nobody noticed. Sheesh.
  • [All] BF: Container drawing did not accept "Copy" command.
  • [All] BF: Layer Editor would deliver an incorrect volume efficiency.
  • [All} BF: Default box color is not changed every time a box is selected in the Start From Box window.
  • [All] BF: Similar pallets with different heights would not load correctly in containers.
  • [All] KI: Boxes with many primary packages that are floor-loaded into containers will make the application crash. A workaround is to create empty boxes with the same dimensions and use them to calculate the container arrangements.

Version 4.2.0 from 4.1.0 - Posted December 04, 2006

  • [All] NF: Box Usage: Standard cases contain information on the times they have been used in a successful calculation. This helps selecting which sizes are more useful than others.
  • [All] AF: Standard case, pallet and container table widths can now be adjusted and saved.
  • [All] AF: Pallet and case codes and descriptions can be added in the Detailed Report window.
  • [All] BF: Fonts couldn't be changed in the Standard Cases and Pallets window.
  • [All] BF: Ugly bug would create awkward boxes that exceeded the available width.
  • [All] BF: Standard cases were not working with cylindrical items.
  • [All] BF: Long-standing arrangement calculation bug was squashed.
  • [All] BF: Standard cases would continue indicating a number from a past calculation.
  • [All] AF: Included an extra algorithm for fitting pallets into containers.
  • [All] AF: Box fit into containers takes more advantage of the available space.
  • [All] AF: The height of the tray sides can now be adjusted through the preferences file.
  • [All] AF: Stretch-wrap on the pallet SVG output can be added through the preferences file.
  • [All] BF: Cap width was equal to zero when creating packages in the Multiple Package input window.
  • [All] BF: Fixed a crash when saving some pallets through the Export -> Pallet -> File (XML) command.

Version 4.1.0 from 4.0.4 - Posted May 26, 2006

  • [All] NF: Multiple primary packages can be fit into boxes by combining the Multiple Package Input window and the Box Fill command.
  • [All] NF: Quick Pallet Maker can export movies to .m4v 320x240 for playback in the Apple iPod with video.
  • [All] NF: Many new export options can be incorporated into QPM by creating XSLT templates and including them into the Templates folder.
  • [All] AF: Slider allows view of partial loads in container fill window.
  • [All] AF: Freight costs can be added and saved per origin-destination sets for each container.
  • [All] BF: Filling containers with only pallets or only boxes (count = 0) would not include the shipping costs per item.
  • [All] BF: Fixed a bug that would screw up the amount of pallet layers display after using the Layer Editor.
  • [All] BF: Old bug would not center the pallet when alternating layers using a smaller layer as the bottom layer (you shouldn't do that anyway).

Version 4.0.4 from 4.0.3 - Posted April 2, 2006

  • [All] BF: Overall improvement in container fill. Container optimization is better and faster.
  • [All] BF: Fixed crash when deleting all pallets and then trying to duplicate the first one.
  • [All] BF: Container calculation would show wrong amount of pallets and efficiency when limited by weight.
  • [All] BF: Couldn't add cylinders after adding pallets or boxes with a width greater than the cylinder diameter in the container fill window.
  • [All] BF: Fixed load weight distribution algorithm.
  • [All] AF: Improved file handling performance.
  • [All] AF: Cylinders can now be placed laying down in a container.
  • [All] KI: To fill a container with as many cilynders as possible, you cannot enter zero as the amount. Use a very large amount and check how many fit in the first container. Entering zero works well with rectangular package types (pallets and boxes).

Version 4.0.3 from 4.0.2 - Posted February 6, 2006

  • [All] AF: Dramatically improved the calculation speed for pallets and containers.
  • [All] AF: Now drums can be directly added into the Container Fill window.
  • [All] BF: Fixed a bug that would allow the container weight to exceed the maximum allowable load weight.
  • [All] BF: Container Fill progress bar is now more useful for knowing when the process will end.
  • [All] BF: Application would crash when user accidentally deleted either all of the standard cases, pallets or containers from the list.

Version 4.0.2 from 4.0.1 - Posted January 23, 2006

  • [All] AF: Containers now draw the detailed pallets.
  • [All] AF: Added two-dimensional container fill movies.
  • [All] AF: Clicking with the right mouse button (Windows) or Ctrl+click (Mac) will allow the user to edit the Code and the Description of a package, box or pallet.
  • [All] AF: Containers can now be filled with boxes laying on their sides.
  • [All] AF: Boxes and pallets can now be exported from the Container Fill window.
  • [All] AF: Boxes can now be pasted onto the Start From Box window from a spreadsheet or a tab-delimited text file.
  • [All] AF: Elements in a container list can now be rearranged before calculating the container.
  • [All] BF: Fixed issue when pasting elements to the Container Fill window using mm as the units.
  • [All] BF: Fixed issue when calculating imported boxes that could be placed on their sides and would produce empty pallets when starting from box dimensions.
  • [All] BF: Opening a report in inches before opening an input window would produce an output in mm.
  • [All] BF: Program will not crash when importing different XML files as if they were boxes.
  • [All] BF: Wrong set of colors would be displayed in the Primary Package window if the user had changed them through the Multiple Package Input window.
  • [All] BF: Container Fill movie export is not unbearably slow when working with many boxes.
  • [All] BF: Container Fill algorithm had a bug when settling boxes on top of pallets that were transversal to the container length.
  • [All] BF: Importing multiple boxes from a folder would include other files such as containers or pallets that were stored in that folder.
  • [OSX] AF: Compiled application is now bundled as a package and uploaded as a ZIP file. This makes it easier to install by dragging to the user's Applications folder.

Version 4.0.1 from 4.0 - Posted November 20, 2005

  • [All] AF: Corrected some issues with the Fill Container algorithm. Added the "Optimize Sections" feature.
  • [All] BF: Container Fill window in the background would recalculate when there was a document window in the foreground.
  • [All] BF: When calculating multiple box sizes or finite numbers of boxes, the extra pallet with only one box would not be created.

Version 4 from 3.4.1 - Posted October 13, 2005

  • [All] NF: QPM can now work with mixed shipment loads (boxes and pallets) through the container window.
  • [All] NF: QPM can now calculate differently sized box arrangements on a pallet.
  • [All] NF: Standard cases now include case compression so QPM can limit the layers in a pallet depending on the strength of the bottom box.
  • [All] NF: Container load stabilization feature will center the load weight in the container.
  • [All] NF: Box drawings can now be exported in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format so they can be resized and rendered to your heart's content.
  • [All] AF: Side views are now available for pallets with packages on trays.
  • [All] AF: Box fill is now more functional (delivers better results).
  • [All] AF: Layer number can be selected from the Layer Editor by using Ctrl+layer number (Windows) or Command + layer number (Mac).
  • [All] AF: Move through the Detailed Report tabs by using Control+left or right arrow (Windows) or using Command+left or right arrow (Mac OS).
  • [All] AF: Quick Pallet Maker now checks for updates automatically so we don't have to send you emails.
  • [All] AF: Containers from the standard list can now be duplicated and edited. Please note that the units to be used are the same as the ones that are currently set as defaults (i.e. meters when using mm/kg and feet when using inches/lbs).
  • [All] AF: Expandable Standard Cases and Pallets Window.
  • [All] AF: Overall increase in calculation and drawing speed.
  • [All] AF: Results window now includes the load volume, with and without pallet.
  • [All] BF: Fixed a bug that would show the "toss boxes" control on top of the drawing in the layer editor when resizing it.
  • [All] BF: Application would crash when selecting "Create Shipment" and empty boxes.
  • [All] BF: Application would crash when using Advanced Input Options after having calculated previously.
  • [All] BF: Improved drawing speed for boxes in containers.
  • [All] BF: Fixed crash when deleting all pallxets in the solutions window and opening a report.
  • [All] BF: Optimized file handling to avoid crashes when working with non-administrator accounts.
  • [All] BF: Creating new display pallets by expanding boxes now points to the right box.
  • [OSX] BF: ChasingArrows would freeze.
  • [All] BF: Application would crash using case counts higher than 300 packs.
  • [All] BF: Nil boxes would appear when using only standard cases.
  • [All] BF: Rounding off had not been saved when changing units and needed further user changes.
  • [All] BF: The standard cases only function would allow viewing some boxes that did not have standard dimensions.
  • [All] BF: Layer editor now shows trays with primary packages painted white when they are selected.
  • [All] BF: Deleting a pallet from the list would require a second click to update the drawing.
  • [All] BF: Optimize and flip cases would not work well with all box types.
  • [All] BF: Copying a box would make it disappear until the user activated a view again.
  • [All] BF: Second criterion of Power Sorting was behaving erratically.
  • [All] KI: Bird's eye view of a pallet with trays in a container will show a mirror image of the tray locations within the pallet when the pallet is transversal to the container length.
  • [All] BF: Board area was not calculated correctly in rectangular packages using inches.
  • [All] BF: If the columns in the Standard Cases and Pallets window were sorted, the order would get mixed up.

Version 3.4.1 from 3.4 - Posted March 14, 2005

  • [All] NF: Added a new algorithm for box on pallet optimization.
  • [All] NF: Added pallet straps. New view that shows how the pallet can be strapped with top corner pads.
  • [All] AF: Pallet drawings can be fixed by clicking with the right mouse button (Windows) or ctrl+click (Mac).
  • [All] BF: When opening the multiple package window, it wouldn't grab the primary package weight.
  • [All] BF: Crash would occur in Layer Editor when deleting a box after having added another one.
  • [All] BF: Crash would occur starting from container fill and adding a pallet.
  • [All] BF: Container fill window would allow pallets wider than long.

Version 3.4 from 3.3 - Posted January 12, 2005

  • [All] NF: Completely new 3D Layer Editor. Saved boxes can now be added to the pallet, rotated in three dimensions, viewed from different angles, dragged with the mouse and pretty much configured in any logical way. Only need to edit one layer and all the rest will update at the push of a button.
  • [All] AF: Report files can now be opened without opening a new document window.
  • [All] BF: Fixed crash that occurred when copying the pallet results to paste on MS Excel.
  • [All] BF: Primary package drawing in the second tab of the Detailed Report would display the default colors instead of the saved colors from the pack.
  • [All] BF: Program would not recalculate when going back from using multiple packages unless the multiple package window was reused.
  • [All] AF: Box bulge (i.e. predetermined slack) can now be added through a separate window and independently of the box sides.
  • [All] BF: Program would display incorrect units in the container fill window when changing to non-default units.
  • [All] BF: Bird-eye's pallet view would not center the boxes with overhang correctly.
  • [All] BF: Pallet weight would not import correctly in the input window when working with different dimensions.
  • [All] BF: Application would crash when loading multiple pallet solutions and a different XML file was included among those solutions.
  • [All] BF: Standard cases and pallets window would duplicate twice the amount of cases and pallets than selected.
  • [All] BF: When duplicating a standard pallet, the unit could not be changed.
  • [All] BF: The report window would show a blue box in the third and fourth tab when an uncovered box had been selected in the first panel.

Version 3.3 from 3.2.1 - Posted November 08, 2004

  • [All] NF: Added XML file input support to input files, primary package lists, boxes and pallets.
  • [All] NF: Added XML file input support to standard boxes, pallets and containers.
  • [All] NF: Added XML file input/output support to QPM preferences.
  • [All] NF: Container fill can now be executed directly without opening an input window.
  • [All] BF: Primary package drawing wouldn't update the package color when importing lists of packages into the Multiple Input window.
  • [All] BF: When loading a report, PP drawing color would not update correctly.
  • [All] BF: KDF drawing would not print the dimensions at right of the box.
  • [All] BF: Black & White command wouldn't update the KDF drawing.
  • [All] AF: General improvements to interface.
  • [All] BF: Report comments wouldn't update in HTML when starting from box dimensions.
  • [All] BF: Fixed standard case selection algorithm.
  • [All] BF: Saving would work incorrectly in new files in non-English versions.
  • [All] AF: Translated QPM to French.
  • [All] AF: Translated QPM to Italian.
  • [All] BF: Fixed crash when mousing over Primary Package in the multiple primary package window.
  • [All] BF: Units were not updated correctly in the Multiple Package window.
  • [All] AF: Standard cases and pallets can now be color-coded.
  • [All] BF: Container fill would not add pallets correctly with alternate units.
  • [All] AF: Save Report will now work from the Results window.
  • [All] BF: Load volume would not display when using individual cylinders.
  • [All] BF: QPM now displays an error message if package list units differed from work units.
  • [All] AF: Default case view can now be saved as user preferences.
  • [All] BF: Some box orientations would not show the packing tape correctly.
  • [All] AF: Standard cases can be pasted onto QPM from MS Excel or other app that copies tab-delimited text onto the clipboard. Multiple deleting is also allowed.
  • [All] BF: Print settings are now saved in Windows.
  • [All] KI: Object in trays will not draw correctly when starting from Container Fill. A workaround is to open a document window in the background.

Version 3.2.1 from 3.2 - Posted July 12, 2004

  • [All] BF: HTML output file had inverted the "Not including pallet" and the "Including pallet" text.
  • [All] BF: Primary Package volume can now be seen in the HTML report.
  • [All] BF: Case volume is visible when starting from box.
  • [All] AF: Added the close window capability to the Detailed Report.
  • [All] AF: Added the cube volume output to the HTML report.
  • [All] BF: QPM can now calculate pallets from the Results Window when starting from box.
  • [All] BF: QPM would crash when opening a Detailed Report without pallets in the list.
  • [All] BF: Fixed offset in the graphics export from the detailed report.
  • [All] BF: Application would crash when the weight from the first load would exceed the allowable weight.

Version 3.2 from 3.1 - Posted May 31, 2004

  • [All] NF: Container Fill allows you to calculate how many pallets can be fit into a container. This feature is selected from the Tools menu once a pallet has been calculated.
  • [All] NF: KDF Drawing in Report window can be selected in a new tab. This drawing will be useful for the carton manufacturer.
  • [All] AF: Text report is now HTML report. Edit the HTML text directly in QPM or edit the template in a text editor to create custom reports. Preview in web browser. Very cool.
  • [All] AF: Toggle Pallet View menu command updates the pallet view in the Results window and zooms in the drawing in the report window.
  • [All] KI: HTML report currently replaces Portrait printout.
  • [All] AF: Now it's possible to print from the Results Window.
  • [All] BF: Pallet display at left of pallet drawing in the Results Window would display incorrectly the Area Efficiency text for the Box Weight text.
  • [All] AF: Compiled in new version of the IDE.
  • [All] BF: Stretch-wrap packing with a case count equal to 1 using rectangular packages was not possible.
  • [All] AF: Exporting a movie will now open it automatically instead of expecting you to find it and open it.
  • [All] BF: Pallet would be drawn in bird-eye's view no matter if it existed or not.
  • [All] BF: Create Shipment feature was not possible using Standard Cases.
  • [All] BF: Application could not recalculate if the multiple packages options had been used and no packages had been added.
  • [OSX] BF: Printer setup would not be loaded correctly after being saved previously.
  • [OSX] KI: Clicking on the pallet or box drawing activates the action twice.

Version 3.1 from 3.0.4 - Posted November 24, 2003

  • [All] NF: Layer editor allows you to add or delete boxes from the pallet layer. This is very useful to create your own pallet layers from scratch and however your boss wants them to look like. QPM will automatically reorder the boxes.
  • [All] NF: Multiple Primary Packages: Calculate a list of primary packages with different dimensions and shapes but the same box and pallet characteristics in one step.
  • [All] NF: Calculate shipment: When an amount of primary packages has been assigned, QPM will calculate the number of pallets that are required to complete the shipment, taking the least space as possible.
  • [All] NF: Extra page in the report window shows the different pallet views that can be printed and copied and pasted onto a third-party application.
  • [All] NF: Fill box now works with cylinders.
  • [All] AF: Clicking on the pallet drawing allows you to see the different pallet views quickly.
  • [All] NF: Fill box with constant case count allows you to arrange the primary packages irregularly into a box for quick shipping.
  • [All] AF: View menu allows to select Box Tape view.
  • [All] BF: Fixed bug that would crash QPM when clicking "Cancel" on a palletizing movie save.
  • [All] BF: Fill box now works better for rectangular packages.
  • [All] BF: Pallet drawing would not display at all when the case dimensions were equal to zero.
  • [All] BF: User does not have to press the OK button multiple times when calculating with the Advanced Input options.
  • [All] BF: Boxes that have been oriented in different positions (other than right-side up) can be seen in the Layer Editor.
  • [All] KI: When the box orientation not right-side-up, the contents will draw erratically in the report window.

Version 3.0.4 from 3.0.2 - Posted August 11, 2003

  • [All] AF: New algorithm optimizes cylinders and bottles directly on pallets. To do this, choose a case count of one and stretch-wrap.
  • [All] AF: View menu works more efficiently.
  • [All] AF: Output window can now be resized horizontally to read better the pallet information.
  • [All] AF: Now QPM includes codes so crashes can be reported more effectively.
  • [OSX] BF: Pull-down menus do not show at the left of the start from box and results windows.
  • [All] AF: When using the fill box feature and stretch-wrap, the resulting secondary packaging will keep the dimensions of the internal packages.
  • [All] BF: Pallets now draw the contents when using stretch-wrap and bottles.
  • [All] BF: Stretch-wrap doesn't display the selected flute anymore.
  • [All] AF: Improved algorithm that creates optimized type 10 pallets.
  • [All] BF: Boxes are now not allowed to be imported when they have been saved using different units.
  • [All] BF: Finally fixed the pallet drawing of the type 10 pallets.
  • [All] BF: Bottles are drawn a bit better.

Version 3.0.2 from 3.0.1 - Posted June 28, 2003

  • [All] BF: Primary package orientation was incorrect in detailed report drawing when packages were laying down.
  • [All] BF: Fixed bug that would crash QPM when rotating empty boxes in the Layer Editor.
  • [All] BF: Alternating layers in pallet types 1 and 2 is now more straight-forward.

Version 3.0.1 from 3.0 - Posted April 28, 2003

  • [All] BF: Fixed crash when printing empty boxes.
  • [All] BF: Bug would incorrectly orient the primary packages from the first tray in the pallet.
  • [All] BF: Wrong contents would be shown in boxes in which slack had been added after calculation.
  • [All] BF: Application would not display pounds/inches in the report if they had been chosen by default and not reselected during the data entry process.
  • [All] BF: Choosing display arrangements twice would make the boxes draw incorrectly.
  • [All] BF: Removed the "Europallet" identification from the default 1200x1000 mm pallet. Only the 1200x800 pallets can called that way.
  • [All] BF: Default pallet divider and corner post thickness would not be saved correctly in preferences.
  • [All] BF: Boxes that had been disallowed by deselecting several orientations would still be created but display incorrectly.
  • [All] BF: Fixed crash when opening old detailed reports.
  • [All] AF: When working with multiple pallet sizes in a same document window, Quick Pallet Maker now recognizes the shipping pallet size and uses it for optimizations.
  • [All] BF: Shifting to an imported full box when starting from case dimensions and using empty cases would hide the primary package information.
  • [All] BF: Printouts would not hide the SU information as in the Detailed report.
  • [All] BF: Updated the Read Me document.
  • [All] BF: Advanced input now allows obtaining just the best pallet.
  • [All] BF: When importing a report, the colors in the Primary Package now reflect the saved report instead of the default colors.
  • [All] BF: Importing a saved tray would not allow the various tray views to display in the View menu.
  • [All] AF: Added the box orientation (0 = lengthwise, 1 = transversal) to the box coordinates export file.
  • [All] BF: Area efficiency is now calculated based on load restrictions, not on physical dimensions. This avoids issues when shipping without pallets.
  • [All] BF: Fixed margins in pallet drawing when using pallet with dimensions equal to zero.

Version 3.0 from 2.5.7 - Posted April 03, 2003

  • [All] AF: QPM is now object-oriented. This means that the application will treat each packaging element as an object and allow a much greater flexibility for future improvements.
  • [All] NF: Fill Box feature. Quick Pallet Maker can now calculate how many Primary Packages can be fit into standard cases and then how these standard cases can be fit onto a standard pallet.
  • [All] NF: Flip Boxes. Boxes can now be placed sideways (although we don't recommend doing so) to fit more of them into a pallet. The user can now select which side he/she can place vertically when starting from box.
  • [All] NF: Layer Editor. Edit the pallet layers to move and rotate the boxes.
  • [All] NF: Variable pallet feature. QPM now calculates the optimal pallet for a determined box.
  • [All] AF: All types of pallets can be viewed in the detailed report. Buttons allow the user to shift between different boxes of a mixed pallet.
  • [All] AF: Expandable box drawing now permits extracting the PPs from the box and separating the layers to show how they are fit into the boxes.
  • [All] AF: New file format contains more pallet information.
  • [All] AF: Box compression window now includes the pallet drawings, a text box for tips and the possibility of determining the compression per box. This is useful if by any chance you have an inventory of boxes with identical dimensions but different crush resistance.
  • [All] BF: Pallet weight constraint now includes the corrugate board weight.
  • [All] BF: Type 10 pallets now are limited by the minimum pallet dimensions.
  • [OSX] AF: Windows that are related to a document are shown as sheets.
  • [All] BF: Display algorithm would show incorrect results when a minimum of boxes would not fit.
  • [All] AF: Mixed pallets with different box types can be shown in the detailed report. In this case, the user can shift between boxes with a horizontal slider.
  • [All] AF: QPM now remembers the last sorting criteria and includes a keyboard shortcut.
  • [OSX] BF: Preferences menu item now appears under the Apple menu as in all decent applications. The shortcut key has also been changed for consistency with other apps. Window users are not affected.
  • [All] BF: Calculation error messages are now more useful and tell the difference between an unavailable box and an unavailable pallet.
  • [All] AF: Added bottles that look like bottles. These containers can not be laid down (like in real life).
  • [All] AF: Updated the instruction manual in English and in Spanish (orale).

Version 2.5.7 from 2.5.6 - Posted December 08, 2002

  • [All] AF: Added the possibility to create pallets that alternate just a certain number of layers.
  • [All] AF: Pallet solutions can now be saved and loaded from the solutions window, individually or as a group of pallets.
  • [All] NF: Added bulge factor. This feature adds slack automatically to the boxes to compensate for additional space taken up by bulging boxes. The added value will represent a percentage of the total box size.
  • [All] BF: Program now allows saving the input data from the solutions window.
  • [All] BF: Pallets with one dimension equal to zero are not drawn anymore.
  • [All] BF: Fixed bug that would draw Primary Packages incorrectly in the report when the box or solution had been imported
  • [All] BF: Report can now be accessed when the user has created a mixed pallet that uses a common box.
  • [All] BF: Report wasn't available when user was working with two windows.

Version 2.5.6 from 2.5.5 - Posted October 07, 2002

  • [All] NF: Added the ability to choose tight pallet arrangements or to shift the boxes towards the pallet borders in display patterns. This is done by unchecking or checking the box in the Preferences window, respectively.
  • [All] AF: User can now change the colors of the boxes, the box dividers, the pallet separators, corner posts and of the pallets themselves, along with the PP colors.
  • [Mac] AF: Now includes installer.
  • [All] AF: Pallets can now be drawn as block pallets, besides the traditional slab.

Version 2.5.5 from 2.5 - Posted August 21, 2002

  • [All] AF: Separate window for the detailed report. User can now edit the report text and choose which drawings will be printed. Added new drawings to the detailed report: empty box, dividers drawing and one pallet layer besides the previous primary package, full box and pallet drawings.
  • [All] AF: Improved the functionality of the dividers drawings. A slider at the right of the drawings can pull them up relative to the box drawing.
  • [All] AF: Box drawing in the Pallet Results window allows moving the primary packages up and down with the slider at right.
  • [All] AF: Logo section of the detailed report now accepts drag and drop.
  • [All] BF: Some type 10 pallets would not draw correctly.
  • [All] AF: Table columns can now be resized.
  • [All] AF: Report file now saves the additional user text, too.
  • [All] AF: Added the Copy Report feature that is faster than saving the report graphics and opening it in another application.
  • [All] BF: Null boxes cannot be added to the box list.
  • [All] AF: Updated instruction manual to reflect all these changes.

Version 2.5 from 2.4.3 - Posted July 09, 2002

  • [All] NF: Added two types of display or "pinwheel" pallet patterns. To calculate these pallets, select any pallet from the solutions list, then select "Display..." from the action menu and press "Go".
  • [All] AF: Added an "Import box" button to the "Start from Box" window to make work process much quicker.
  • [Win] AF: Added program installer.

Version 2.4.3 from 2.4.2 - Posted June 03, 2002

  • [Win] BF: Enhanced for Windows XP.
  • [OSX] BF: Fixed overall window appearance.
  • [OSX] BF: Menus would appear with different colors on some systems.
  • [All] BF: Comments with more than one line now print correctly.
  • [All] BF: Detailed report can now be printed with other than Courier font. Note that printout quality will vary across font types.
  • [All] AF: Type 10 pallets now arrange the boxes to protect corners.
  • [OSX] KI: Movie export does not work appropriately. Workaround: open report in Mac Classic version and create movie.
  • [All] BF: Mixed pallets that incorporated pallets type 10 would not display correctly.
  • [All] BF: Save as Movie would not work correctly for pallets type 10.

Version 2.4.2 from 2.4.1 - Posted March 18, 2002

  • [All] BF: Mixed pallets that incorporated pallets type 10 would not display correctly.
  • [All] BF: Save as Movie would not work correctly for pallets type 10.

Version 2.4.1 from 2.4 - Posted February 04, 2002

  • [All] BF: Program wouldn't allow printing in landscape mode when starting from box dimensions.
  • [All] BF: Application would allow extremely low numbers when adjusting box slack.
  • [All] BF: Cases per layer are now updated when the user chooses to optimize a pallet by shrinking the box size.
  • [All] AF: Added second box drawing to Standard Cases and Pallets window to show both English and Metric boxes at the same time. Improved user interface.
  • [All] BF: Pallet minimum dimensions update to reasonable values automatically when changing units and starting from box.
  • [All] AF: Text report now creates a MS Excel file by default.
  • [All] BF: In-case compression in detailed report is now displayed in parenthesis.

Version 2.4 from 2.3 - Posted December 25, 2001 (Merry Christmas)

  • [All] NF: Added instant extra-optimization that creates even more optimized pallets. These pallets are identified as #10 and use a new algorithm. The layers can be alternated to produce pallets #12. Previous optimization functions are kept for other pallets.
  • [All] BF: Pallet loads with a pallet size of 0x0x0 would show a cropped drawing.

Version 2.3 from 2.2 - Posted November 19, 2001

  • [Win] BF: Added font sub-menu to fix issue in some Windows 95 systems regarding garbled fonts and to allow a more flexible display in other systems.
  • [All] BF: When starting from box, the title at the bottom of the window would display incorrectly.
  • [All] BF: Constraints preferences would work incorrectly when using inches and lbs as work units.
  • [Win] BF: Standard cases and pallets with standard cases would not display in bold letters. Now they display in italics, making them different from other solutions.
  • [All] BF: Box compression window now displays data correctly.
  • [All] AF: Box compression window does not have to be closed and reopened to change the pallet number. This is possible by changing the pallet number at the top of the list.
  • [Win] BF: Minor bug fix when printing portrait report.
  • [All] AF: Detailed report and printout now include box construction information.
  • [All] AF: Multiple single dividers (length, width or height) can be used by selecting from the new pull-down menu.
  • [All] AF: Internal dimensions can now be entered when starting from box. Previous deployment was read-only.
  • [All] AF: Board flute is now saved whenever the user closes the application.
  • [All] AF: Clicking on the pallet drawing now toggles its size. This is specially useful if the pallet drawing covers a small font in the background.
  • [All] NF: Standard cases list can now be used for internal case dimensions vs. only external dimensions in previous versions. To select whether the list is for internal or external dimensions, use the selector above the list.
  • [All] NF: Pallets can now display the top cap from the View menu.
  • [All] NF: Interlayer pads can also be displayed from the View menu.
  • [All] BF: Corners would display incorrectly in pallets created from mixing layers.

Version 2.2 from 2.1 - Posted September 10, 2001

  • [All] BF: Major bug fixes involving the Advanced Input Options.
  • [All] BF: Reports now allow viewing pallets type 5 when starting from Box.
  • [All] AF: Internal box dimensions are displayed (read-only) when starting from box.
  • [All] AF: Internal box dimensions are visible from the Output window and are printed in the Portrait mode.
  • [All] BF: Minor printing adjustments.
  • [All] AF: Translated QPM to French (still in Beta).

Version 2.1.1 from 2.1 - Posted July 19, 2001

  • [OSX] First functional version of Quick Pallet Maker 2.
  • [All] NF: Added stretch-wrap to the box types, which is basically a Primary Package grouping without a box.
  • [All] AF: Added code and description to the standard case list.
  • [All] BF: Case drawing would not update automatically when choosing other than internal view from the contextual menu.
  • [All] BF: Program would return an error for type 5 pallets when requesting a detailed report.

Version 2.1 from 2.0.3 - Posted July 19, 2001

  • [Mac] Bug Fix: Program doesn't crash any longer when closing one of multiple windows.
  • [All] Bug Fix: Program would display incorrect load weight when optimizing pallets that had been created from boxes, not from Primary Packages.
  • [All] BF: Weight constraints would not apply correctly to pallets made from boxes only.
  • [All] New Feature: Standard cases can be classified instead of just enabling or disabling them. In this way, the user can work with outers or separate the standard boxes by suppliers.
  • [All] Added Functionality: Sorting can be made by total number of primary packages. This is useful when the list of pallets has been created from iterations that vary the case count (see example #4 on our web page).
  • [All] BF: Report would display incorrectly the arrangement text when using some types of cylindrical box arrangements.
  • [Mac] BF: Case and pallet printouts would overlap.

Version 2.0.3 from 2.0.2 - Posted July 06, 2001

  • [All] Added Functionality: If the user has not replaced all the text for the custom language, the remaining items will be displayed in the default language.
  • [All] AF: Advanced input now displays all the solutions in the output window, allowing better sorting and analysis.
  • [All] AF: Completed instructions in HTML format. Updated instruction manual in PDF format is also available.
  • [All] AF: Increased maximum number of pallets that could be sorted from 43 to 999 in compliance with new Advanced features.
  • [All] AF: Completed instructions in PDF format, available from the SCA Mecanica web page.
  • [All] Bug Fix: Start from box would not recognize pallet load restriction changes.
  • [All] BF: Added the box weight to the portrait report printout.
  • [All] AF: Report can be printed from the "start from box" arrangement.
  • [All] BF: Fixed bug that would hide the case drawings after exporting the boxes.
  • [All] BF: Cases can be imported from files when starting from boxes.
  • [All] AF: Saved files can be opened without having a document window open.
  • [Win] BF: Application would crash when deleting more than one row from the pallet list.
  • [Mac] Known Issue: Application will crash if the user opens two different types of Input windows at the time and closes only the "start from box" window.
  • [All] BF: Calculations wouldn't show up correctly after iterating.

Version 2.0.2 from 2.0.1 - Posted June 25, 2001

  • [Win] Bug Fix: Some printers would produce cropped printouts.
  • [All] BF: Fixed crash when changing units in Start from Box after a box had already been created. Drawing is removed if there are no items in the list.
  • [All] BF: Changed drawings to GIF format from JPEG to reduce download file size.
  • [All] BF: Copied box and pallet drawings now show a completely white background.
  • [Win] BF: Files can be opened more easily now (the .qpm extension is not obligatory).
  • [Win] BF: Autosave works correctly now.
  • [All] BF: Type 7 & 8 pallets would not draw the spaced boxes when using trays.
  • [All] Corrected name of contributor at the bottom of the changes file.
  • [All] BF: Saved report wouldn't update the Primary Package information.

Version 2.0.1 from 2.0 - Posted June 20, 2001

  • [Win] Bug Fix: Changed default settings to allow seamless first use.
  • [All] BF: Detailed report lines were badly positioned when user opened a saved report.
  • [All] BF: Program does not expire.

Version 2.0 from 2.0b07 - Posted June 18, 2001

  • [Win] Bug Fix: Printer output is more precise.
  • [All] BF: Temporary items are deleted after running movie export.
  • [All] AF: Completed HTML instructions.
  • [All] BF: Standard metric cases would not refresh unless document window was open.
  • [All] BF: Default case constraints were not used on document opening.
  • [All] BF: Box Weight limitations had not been taken into account.

Version 2.0b07 from 2.0b06 - Posted June 12, 2001

  • [All] Bug Fix: Case dimensions wouldn't add up when recalculating from the case list.
  • [All] Added Functionality: Slack that is added after calculating will be reflected in the case drawings.
  • [All] BF: Slack that was added to optimized and alternated boxes would not work well.
  • [All] BF: Case corrugate area now reflects the correct units in the detailed report.
  • [All] BF: Slack for standard cases is now reflected in the report.
  • [All] AF: Dividers now redraw much more quickly.
  • [Win] BF: Splash screen now reflects the correct number of days left.
  • [Win] AF: Yellow tag now includes the internal case dimensions.
  • [All] BF: Primary Package colors now can be saved and are not black anymore. This bug would occur to non users of previous versions of QPM.
  • [Win] BF: Bottom rectangle now appears correctly.
  • [All] BF: Box drawing would not update when user started from box.
  • [All] BF: Box export would work even when there were no boxes in list.
  • [Win] BF: Program would crash when changing units in start from box.
  • [Win] BF: Canceling printing would crash the application.
  • [Win] BF: Movie export now works with Windows 95 and QT4. Pending checks with or OSes and QT versions.

Version 2.0b06 from 2.0b05 - Posted June 8, 2001

  • [All] BF: Program now prints in portrait mode.
  • [All] BF: Custom report language now works correctly.
  • [All] AF: Added yellow help tags that indicate PP, box and pallet dimensions in drawings.
  • [All] BF: Drawings are now stable after being copied.
  • [All] BF: Import and export box were added to the contextual menu in the box drawings.
  • [All] BF: Report text can now be exported to a spreadsheet or word processor.
  • [All] BF: Graphics paste correctly to report.
  • [Win] Known Issue: Unit changes when starting from box dimensions crash the application.

Version 2.0b05 from 2.0b04 - Posted June 5, 2001

  • [All] AF: Allowed to edit colors on Primary Packages without opening documents.
  • [All] AF: Preferences window now displays both rectangular and cylindrical packages.
  • [All] AF: Standard case window now includes pallet drawing and improved functionality.
  • [All] BF: Pallet Name can be edited in the standard case and pallets window.
  • [All] BF: Preferences can now be set in the default unit, instead of only in mm/kg.
  • [All] BF: Standard cases now calculate correctly.
  • [All] BF: Fixed crash when sorting after recalculating more than once.
  • [All] New Feature: Reports can now be saved and opened.
  • [Mac] AF: Pallets that use standard cases are now displayed in bold letters in the list (doesn't work yet in Win32).
  • [Win] AF: General appearance fixes.

Version 2.0b04 from 2.0b03 - Posted May 30, 2001

  • [All] BF: Eliminated the expiration message that appeared ahead of time.

Version 2.0b03 from 2.0b02 - Posted May 29, 2001

  • [All] AF: Standard box list now displays box drawings when scrolling.
  • [All] BF: Standard boxes and pallets lists are now editable.
  • [All] BF: Default pallet can be saved.
  • [All] BF: General program stability has been improved.
  • [All] BF: Pallet drawing in Results window is not affected by underlying list.
  • [All] BF: Units are changed on Box input.
  • [Win] First working Beta.
  • [Win] BF: Pallet drawing is displayed in Detailed report.
  • [Win] KI: Movie export does not work correctly.

Version 2.0b02 from 2.0b01 - Posted May 26, 2001

  • [All] AF: Save Primary Package color, box type and box thickness.
  • [All] BF: Pallets are displayed correctly for mixed and alternate layer pallets.
  • [All] BF: Save Input Data and Save As are now differentiated.
  • [All] AF: Contextual menu allows the user to copy and change the graphics at any time.
  • [All] AF: Constraints message. Program indicates the nature of the issue.
  • [All] BF: Autosave function can be selected from the Preferences window.
  • [All] AF: Copy Bag, box and pallet drawings at any time.
  • [All] BF: Starting from box works correctly now.
  • [All] NF: Import and export boxes by double-clicking them on the box list. Combine new and old boxes to create a mixed load.

Version 2.0b01 from 1.6.4 - Posted May 23, 2001

  • [All] NF: Multiple Documents. Program allows for more than one palletizing problem at the same time.
  • [All] NF: Start from Primary Package or from Box. The latter is used if the box dimensions are known.
  • [All] NF: Open from document. Double-click a saved QPM file or drag a file to the QPM icon to open it.
  • [All] AF: Better report printing.
  • [All] AF: RSC Box Views: Now supports open box view. Improved box drawings.
  • [All] NF: Tray Views: Trays are graphically displayed as empty or full trays.
  • [All] NF: Autosave. Continue with the last file you were working with automatically.
  • [All] NF: Three dimensions for standard cases in metric units.
  • [All] NF: Alternate layers now creates a new pallet. If columnar pallets are chosen, alternate layers will produce a pallet that mixes boxes that are laid to the length and width of the pallet.
  • [All] AF: Improved Input Window: Items are now filled out in a top to bottom sequence and correctly separated.
  • [All] AF: Standard case options: New pull-down menu allows for a) no standard cases, b) use standard cases if possible and c) use only standard cases.
  • [All] BF: Windows are not resized when recalculating.
  • [All] NF: Edit pallets in Results Window: Delete and duplicate pallets.
  • [All] AF: Improved drawings for cylindrical packages.
  • [All] NF: Online Help is available from the application.

Version 1.6.4 from 1.6.3 - Posted April 03, 2001

  • [All] BF: Improved text quality and general speed for report printouts.
  • [All] NF: Added the possibility to print either Portrait or Landscape mode reports.
  • [All] NF: Left and top margins or offsets can be adjusted through the Preferences window.
  • [All] KI: Avoid changing the Preferences when viewing a window other than the Input Window (first window) as the pallet types, PP types and others will revert to the defaults. If using defaults, then this is OK.


  • [All] = All operating systems (Win 95/NT4/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8 - Mac OS Classic - Mac OSX)
  • [Win] = Win 95/NT4/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8
  • [Mac] = Mac OS Classic (7.5.3 to 9.x)
  • [OSX] = Mac OSX 10.0.0 and later (Carbon).
  • BF: Bug Fix
  • AF: Added Functionality
  • NF: New Feature
  • KI: Known Issue
  • WA: Workaround

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