Quick Pallet Maker

Calculating Boxes in Pallets

Open a new document starting from box on File > New Data Sheet > Start from Box.


The next step is to add a box by entering their dimensions in the cells in the left section, 400x200x300 mm. 5 kg. Then click on Add Box to add them to the list.

: if you want Ti-Hi pallets it is not necessary to set the Amount of boxes because QPM will fill the pallets until the pallet constraints are meet, therefore enter zero as amount.

Start from box 2

If you want to change the pallet type, you can do so through the menu at bottom-left or enter the dimensions of the pallet manually.

Pallet menu

Use Tools > Recalculate, but if you enter more then one box type and wish to calculate the best pallet fills with multiple boxes per pallet go to Tools > Calculate Multiple Boxes, enter the amount of each box and Recalculate.


The resulting pallet loads are in the Available Solution window.


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