Quick Pallet Maker

Changing The Maximum Box Weight

The purpose of this example is to explain how to bypass the box weight limitation that Quick Pallet Maker includes for preventing the creation of heavy boxes that an operator would not be able to handle.

Go to the Case Constraints tab on Settings from the Tools menu or if you have a Mac OSX on Preferences from the Quick Pallet Maker menu.

Set the Maximun Case Weight to 50 kg and press OK.


Open a new document window starting from primary package on File > New Data Sheet > Start from Primary Package and enter the package data:
  • External Dimensions 122x119x20 mm.
  • Weight 1 kg.
  • Case Count 88.

Select Recalculate from the Tools menu to see the solutions, as you can see there are no results, because the resulting box contents would weigh 88 kg, which is more than the constraint of 50 kg.


It is necessary to change the Maximum Case Weight in order to have pallet loads. Repeat the step 1 and increase the value from 50 kg to 100 kg.


Go to Tools > Change Data to return to the input window.

Change data

Use the Recalculate option under the Tools menu to obtain the results.


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