Quick Pallet Maker

Creating A Display Pallet

A user wants to create a pallet to pack boxes in such a way that their longest face shows the most to anybody looking at the pallet. This is especially useful for club stores.

Open a new document window starting from primary package on File > New Data Sheet > Start from Box.

Start from box

We are going to work with inches so make sure that the units are set to inches and pounds. If not, then change them on Tools > Units > in/lbs.

Enter the box dimensions and click the Add Box buttom. Choose the CHEP Pallet 48x40 in.
  • 17x3x17 inches, weight 12 lbs.
Start from box

Use the Recalculate option from the Tools menu to see the results.


Select the fist pallet and use the Display Box Length option from the Pallet Action menu and press Go. The resulting pallet with the long sides of the boxes facing outwards will be at the end of the list. Now you are ready to print the report for this pallet, go to Window > Detailed Report.

Pallet action

Pallet action

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