Quick Pallet Maker

Exporting Box Coordinates

There are occasions in which you would like to export the box placement data from Quick Pallet Maker to an automatic/robotic palletizer or other machine/software. For this, QPM produces a list of the box X,Y,Z coordinates and the box orientation in a comma-delimited text file. We

The starting point is the Available Solutions window. Select the first pallet.

NOTE: if you don't know how to get to this point, please visit: Rectangular Packages into Pallets.


Go to File > Export > Pallet > Box Coordinates, save the file.
  • The first column contains the box number, starting from zero.
  • The next three columns contain the X, Y, Z coordinates of the bottom-top-left box corner.
  • The fifth column contains the box orientation (explained below).
  • The last four columns are custom columns.

The white boxes show the different available orientations in Quick Pallet Maker.


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