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Filling a Large Tray with Cylinders

In this example we will use QPM to meet a request from a client. The customer wants to pack 155x100 mm cylinders onto pallets but wants to do it in such a way as to fit as many as possible per layer without any constraint on delivering a specific number to each client. In other words, he wants to ship bulk cylinders somewhere. There is more than one route to solve this problem, however, we will solved this way:

Go to the Standard Cases and Pallets window on the Window menu. Create a standard case with the same area as the shipping pallet (1200x800 mm) and with a height small enough to fill only one layer of cylinders. Set the Type to Tray to differentiate it from the rest of the boxes, saving time.

NOTE: if you do not know how to create standard boxes, please visit: How to Use Standard Cases.

Filling Tray

Open a new input window on New Data Sheet > Start from Primary Package, and apply the following changes:
  • Package Shape: cylinder.
  • External Dimensions: 155x100 mm.
  • Construction: 2x2x2 Tray.
  • Standard Cases Type: tray. Fill Standard Cases.
  • Pallet Dimensions: europallet 1200x800.
Filling Tray

Once you set all the changes use the Recalculate option on the Tools menu. Then you will see the Available Solutions window with the results.

Filling Tray

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