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Flipping the Center Layer of a Pallet

The purpose of this example is to show how you can change the orientation of the center layer of a pallet by combining the layers of two different pallets. In this case, we only want the center layer to have the boxes standing on one end while the rest of the boxes will be placed right-side-up.

Open a new window starting from box on File > New Data Sheet > Start from Box. For this example, use the default units which are mm. Enter the external dimensions of the box 400x200x300 mm. Click on Add Box and the select all of the possible dimensions vertical to the pallet height. This will produce pallets with boxes on their sides.

NOTE: for Ti-Hi pallets it is not necessary to set the Amount of boxes because QPM will fill the pallets until the pallet constraints are meet, therefore enter zero as amount.

Start from box

Use the Recalculate option under the Tool menu to obtain the results.


You need to create a new pallet for each layer and then mix them. Therefore, select the pallet with the boxes right-side-up and select Duplicate from the Edit menu. A new identical pallet is created and added to the end of the list. Repeat this step to obtain two identical pallets.


Select the pallet with the boxes on its sides and use the option Duplicate to create a new identical one.


Repeat the step 3 to obtain two more right-side-up pallets.

Select the five pallets you have created (four upright and one on its sides) and use Mix Pallets from the pull-down menu in the middle of the Available Solutions window and click OK.

Mix Pallet

The result is a mixed pallet with five layers: two on the bottom with the boxes standing upright, one in the middle with the boxes on their sides and two on top with the boxes placed upright.

Mix Pallet

NOTE: the order of the selected pallets will affect the mix pallet options, each selected pallet represents one layer of the resulting pallet and keep the order of the selection.

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