Quick Pallet Maker

Recording Box Usage

This example shows how QPM logs the amount of times a given standard case is used, which may be useful for information matters.

Open the Standard Cases and Pallets window on the Window menu. Start with a new standard cases list: select all the stardard cases from the Standard English Unit Cases chart and delete them, after that paste your new boxes.

NOTE: if you do not know how to copy and paste standard boxes, please visit: How to Use Standard Cases.

Box Usage

Note that at a minimum, the table will contain one box, once the standard boxes have been pasted delete the first box from the list so all the boxes represent the ones that you wanted to paste.

Open a new window starting from primary package on File > New Data Sheet > Start from Primary Package. If the units are not in inches, they need to be changed on Tools > Units > in/lbs.
Primary package

Select Use Only Standard Cases on the Standard Cases menu to make sure that you only get results that use the cases from the list.

Standard cases

Primary package

After using the Recalculate option on the Tools menu, the results are one standard box and three pallets created from that box.


Take a look at the Standard Cases and Pallets by selecting the window in the background or you can go to Window > Standard Cases and Pallets. The standard cases that have been used should have a higher count in the Used column. The standard case list can then be selected, copied and pasted onto a spreadsheet or to a tab-delimited text file, that way you can filter those boxes that have been used the most and consider removing the ones that are hardly used.

Used boxes

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