Quick Pallet Maker

Testing Different Pallet Sizes

A user has a couple of box sizes that he wants to ship in pallets and then in containers but he needs to figure out which is the best pallet to fit the products.

Open a new window starting from box on File > New Data Sheet > Start from Box.

Start from box

Enter the case dimensions and set a different color for each one in the cells in the left section. Then click on Add Box to add them to the list.
  • 510x470x300 mm, weight 15 kg.
  • 610x510x470 mm, weight 30 kg.

Enable the Try All Standard Pallets feature on the Pallet Dimensions section.

Try all standard pallets

Select Recalculate from the Tools menu to see the results.


To find the best pallets from the list use the Power Sort option from the Tools menu and use the Total Cases Per Pallet as sort criteria, now at the first row you have the best pallet load for the case #1 and at the row #15 you have it for the case #2.


To know the pallet type and pallet information of each case go to Window > Detailed Report.



To check how these pallets fit into a High Cube 40' container, select both pallets and choose Fill Container from the Tools menu.

Fill container

Edit the Amount field and set zero on each one to obtain a full container for per case type, and choose the container from the Container Type menu.

Fill container


Use the Recalculate option from the Tools menu to see the load container. Use the triangle on the right upper corner to see the next container.


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