Quick Pallet Maker


QPM Version: 4 and above

The purpose of the box compression calculations is to indicate to your box supplier the force that you will need your desired boxes to withstand, based on the pallet arrangements you have obtained with QPM. The process is very straight-forward. In this example, we have already calculated the pallets using the default data and we should see the solutions window like this. Pallet and box
The next step is to select the first pallet on the list and then open the box compression window by selecting the appropriate command from the Tools menu. Quick Pallet Maker
The box compression window should look like the one in the screenshot at right. From top to down, the controls are: pallet stack selector (for indicating how many pallets will be stacked on top of each other); the box selector (for comparing compression values across boxes in the same pallet); the weight each box stands, the safety factor and the compression force including the safety factor. The default values indicate how much is the minimum weight that the bottom box (box #0) should resist. Box Compression Strength
If we use the box selector, we can choose another box in the pallet. Box Compression Strength
For example, if we choose one of the top boxes (painted white), we will see that the minimum resistance is zero. That's because they do not have any boxes on top. Box Comrpession Strength
We can also choose to add another pallet to the stack and we will know that the compression resistance needs to be greater in case that we will stack pallets in a container or warehouse. Box Compression Strength
In this screenshot, we are fiddling with the safety factor. Note that the safety factor depends on the stacking and warehouse conditions and that unless you are well understood in this matter, you should contact your box supplier for guidance. Box Compression Strength
Once we have clicked on "OK" and closed the box compression window, we can open the Detailed Report window from the Window menu. We will see that the compression value for all of the boxes has been updated to reflect the calculation result from the Box Compression window. If we had unchecked the "Use Max compression for all boxes" box, we could be able to scroll through the different boxes in the pallet and find different values. This last option is useful in case we had unused boxes hanging around in the warehouse with a lower compression strength and we could use them for the upper layers. Pallet and box