Quick Pallet Maker

Quick Pallet Maker Video Demos

Quick Pallet Maker pallet and container loading video demos. Includes tutorials for Aussie Pack n Ship.

Create a Container BOM Report

Create a list of contents in each container that was filled using QPM.

Floor-loaded Shipping Containers

This example explains how to load a shipping container with boxes without using pallets. This is practical only in situations in which the route is relatively long and hand labor is relatively inexpensive. Floor-loaded containers will load more boxes than containers with boxes on pallets. We also see how many extra boxes fit when placed on their sides. Version: 5.0.1 Operating System: Mac OSX 10.9

Enabling Australian Pallets in Aussie Pack n Ship

Aussie Pack n Ship features pallet patterns specific to Australia. This video explains how to enable them in version 5. This example shows how QPM can be used for alternating regular pallet layers. QPM Version: 4.7.2 (current). Operating System: Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

Creating Standard Container Sizes w/ Different Unit Types

Version 5 of Aussie Pack n Ship allows users to create standard containers in different units (mm, feet, meters, etc.). This video explains how.

Create a Mixed Pallet Load with Aussie Pack n Ship

In this example, we will use Aussie Pack n Ship to create a pallet load with two different box types in which one type is placed on each layer, in different orientations that provide a very square fit.

Fill a Standard Case, Create a Pallet & Fill a Container

This Quick Pallet Maker example explains how to fill a standard (off-the-shelf) box with a package, create a pallet arrangement and then use this pallet to load shipping containers of different sizes.

Reproducing a Pallet Arrangement with Quick Pallet Maker

Use Quick Pallet Maker's Layer Editor to reproduce a pallet arrangement provided by a customer at scale, while checking other options.

Aussie Pack n Ship 5 - Create Standard Case & Upload to Server

Aussie Pack n Ship 5 is a line extension to Quick Pallet Maker that allows the user to connect to remote databases and share packaging data across multiple users. This video shows how to create a new standard (off-the-shelf) case and upload it to a Microsoft SQL Server database. OS: Windows XP.

Connect to DB with Aussie Pack n Ship Server

The Aussie Pack n Ship Server handles packaging data (primary packages, empty cases, SKUs, pallets and containers) used for calculating pallet and container loads. This example shows how to connect to a SQL Server database.

Connect to DB with Aussie Pack n Ship v5

Aussie Pack n Ship 5 is a Quick Pallet Maker line extension that allows you to connect to remote databases (MySQL and MS SQL Server). This video shows how a connection to SQL Server is made. OS: Windows XP, local DB server.

Set Maximum Load Height Standard Pallets

Starting from QPM 5, you can set the maximum load height for standard pallets so this value does not have to be edited every time you calculate a load with each different pallet type.

Copy Report & Paste as Bitmap

Calculate a pallet load using the default data and copy the detailed report (primary package, box and pallet) to Windows Paint for saving as a Bitmap file.

Dragging Standard Boxes

You can drag standard boxes from any of the lists (Imperial or Metric units) in the Standard Cases and Pallets window to a Start from Box window, edit the amounts (if needed) and calculate box shipments.

Reorder Items in Box List & View Descriptions

This example shows how you can change the box order for loading a shipment in pallets. Additionally, starting with Quick Pallet Maker 5, you can view the complete box descriptions.

QPM Container Fill - Mix Boxes and Pallets

Load boxes and pallets from a spreadsheet and calculate a mixed container fill using Quick Pallet Maker.

Fill Containers with Boxes and Pipes

QPM is used in this video for calculating the container fill for a shipment made of a mix of boxes and pipes. QPM version: 4.7.2 (current). OS: Windows XP

Filling Containers with Boxes

Shows how QPM can be used for filling shipping containers with a fixed amount of boxes. QPM version: 4.7.2 (current). OS: Windows 7.

Alternating Pallet Layers

This example shows how QPM can be used for alternating regular pallet layers. QPM Version: 4.7.2 (current). Operating System: Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

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