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Quick Pallet Maker provides the means for calculating container fill with pallets, boxes or drums, either by using a finite number of elements or by calculating which is the maximum number of one type that can be introduced into a container of a specific size. The former method involves entering an amount per pallet, box or drum and allowing the software to calculate the optimal mix for the given elements. The container load window can be reached either from the Results Window by selecting the Fill Container option from the Tools menu or through the File menu. A list of examples on how to use the Container Fill window is available here.

The container fill window allows the user to:
a) calculate container fill with one element type (pallet, box or drum),
b) fill as many containers as needed depending on a given order or shipment and
c) view the list of containers, pallets and boxes in a given shipment.

This window contains three tabs. The elements are the following (starting from left to right, top to bottom):

Input Data tab Container tab

To calculate the container fill, click on the second tab in the window or select "Recalculate" from the Tools menu. If no drawing appears, then a solution was not found and the input data will need to be changed.

Shipment tab

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