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The user can obtain a detailed report with all the information that has been generated through the pallet calculation process. The report features four tabs. The first tab contains the three main graphics; the primary package drawing, the case drawing and the pallet drawing. Clicking on them with the right button (ctrl+clicking on a Mac) allows copying the drawings onto a third-party application.

The actions that can be performed from the report are listed below. All of them are accesible through the File menu.

The second tab of the detailed report allows the user to preview and edit the pallet report as an HTML (web page) file using the default web browser. The user can also select which of the drawings will be included in the HTML file at the right of the HTML text. To change the default drawing type, right-click (ctrl+click on a Mac) and select from the contextual menu of any of the drawings and then enable them by clicking the box at the left of the drawing.

The third tab contains a bigger drawing of the selected pallet using different views. The user can select "Toggle Pallet View" from the View menu to change the side from which the pallet is seen.

The fourth tab contains the Knocked-Down-Flat (KDF) drawing of a RSC box using the dimensions of the selected box. The box that is selected can be changed by using the horizontal scrollbar under the box drawing in the first tab. Future program versions will allow custom box designs.

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