Quick Pallet Maker - Results Window

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This page explains the Output (Available Solutions) Window, which is the area where the user will view a list of pallets and modify them or the cases to accomodate his/her needs.

The Output Window is important as it is the step where the user will pick from a list of solutions and adjust them to reach a conclusion. The main elements of the window are the following (from left to right and top to bottom):

Box Compression Feature

Quick Pallet Maker's main purpose is to help design boxes and to help place them into a pallet. Besides the dimensions, the box design should involve the Top to Bottom resistance of the box in order to protect the box' contents.

The Box Compression feature was designed for this purpose and it is accessible through the Output Window. Select Box Compression from the tools menu to open the compression window

The elements of this window are the following:

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