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Quick Pallet Maker is an easy to learn pallet loading and package design software application that allows the user to calculate optimal secondary package dimensions and pallet arrangements, thus reducing shipping costs.


Don't Ship Air. Design Loads Efficiently.

Calculate Pallet Loads

Quick Pallet Maker calculates optimal pallet loads from external carton dimensions, independently of the box’s contents. Pallet arrangements can be regular, optimized, display and custom. The Aussie Pack & Ship line extension includes special Australian pallet arrangements.

Design Box Sizes

If only the dimensions and case count of the primary package are known, Quick Pallet Maker can be used for calculating the dimensions of new boxes. Case ratio and dimension constraints limit the resulting boxes to those that can be managed efficiently within a warehouse.

Fill Multi-Product Pallets

Using a list of multiple boxes and their amounts, Quick Pallet Maker can calculate the number of pallets that are needed to complete a shipment of boxes. These pallets can then be grouped and loaded into containers. The data can be entered manually or imported from a previously configured spreadsheet.

Container Loading

Quick Pallet Maker provides the means for calculating container fill with pallets, boxes or drums, either by using a finite number of elements or by calculating which is the maximum number of one type that can be introduced into a container of a specific size.

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Need Product Support or a Web Version?

Please remember that the Quick Pallet Maker DEMO allows you to test ALL the features prior to purchasing, including printing. If all is not fine, contact us. If you are unable to download QPM now, you can also get a good idea of how it works by trying our online pallet calculation directly in your web browser.