Vehicle Space Optimization

The VSO module in Truck Savant is a software application that uses product rules to use available load area optimally, distribute product weight across vehicle axles and allow the movement of products across internal bays or compartments. It can be used for primary transportation or secondary transportation (T1 or T2).


Flexible Loading & Cargo Follow-Up

Truck fill optimization with shipment orders

VSO optimizes the truck fill labor using the SKU lists and the shipment order, using efficiently the available space on the vehicle while respecting the load constraints for each case depending on the product and truck types.

Load Constraints

VSO allows you to model your business constraints, giving the user a group of rules that can be apply on the product types, to avoid product damages and reduce the loss, as for example: SKUs mix of on the same pallet, stacking position, maximum amount per product type and others.

Axle Weights

When filling a truck with VSO it takes into account the maximum weight allowed by legislation depending of the truck type, avoiding infractions and penalties. The legal weight limits for each set of axles are easy to configure by the user.

Ticket Pallet and Bill of Materials

After the truck optimization and as supporting documents, you can print a report that will help you in the assembly of each pallet on the truck (Ticket Pallet), indicating the SKU and quantity and if there are standard pallets. Depending on the type of Ticket Pallet it will also give you the recommended order of the products for assembling the pallet. The Bill of Material is another useful document that helps the driver at the delivery time because he will know exactly where the orders are located on the truck.

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