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Truck Savant VSO - Features

Truck Type and Fleet

To make it easier to create new vehicles with similar characteristics, the system manages concepts of Truck Type and Fleet. This classification is made according to the number of axles and maximum gross weight allowed for each truck type, this values are customizable by the user as needed.


VSO stores the product master with the physical characteristics such as size, weight and classification. The SKUs upload is easy, simply copy them from an Excel spreadsheet and paste them into VSO, and for creating new ones you can do it by filling out a short form.

SKUs Classification

With VSO you can manage your products according with their similar characteristics, classifying them into Classes, we have 2 different classes: class 1 and class 2, i.e. each SKU can have up to two classes. These classes are defined by the user, who gives name to each and adds the products that belong to it.

Load Constraints

For each product classification (classes) you can add load rules that are applied automatically during the optimization. The most popular are those that prevent SKUs damage, like the mix product rule, the maximum amount per pallet and the stacking position. The system will not break any of the rules when filling the trucks, but the user can manually break them if necessary.

Full Truck Editor

Although the optimization is automatic, VSO allows the user to edit the truck load, move products between bays and make your own mixes. VSO will show a message when you are about to break a rule to decide whether to proceed, and will display in red the bay that has rules violations.

Axles Weight Monitor in the Full Truck Editor

The axles weights are visible during the truckload edition and are automatically updated with every SKU movement, to tell the user how much weight is carry on each axle regarding of the truck type. A green box means the weight is right and a red box means a violation of the weight limit.

Distribution Center

You can manage the truck optimization of more than one distribution center with VSO and switch between each other at the login time to see the data.

User Levels

VSO has three user levels. Administrator, who has access to the entire system and can create new users. Planner, can load and edit the Warehouse data and also calculate truck loads. Operator, is a limited profile that can only make calculations and print reports.


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