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The Truck Savant Vehicle Space Optimization software is sold as a service (SaaS). The customer pays a monthly fee to access the VSO server using a downloadable client. The fee is per month/per truck and can be canceled at any time, with no penalties nor minimum number of months. For larger customers (+100 trucks), we offer an in-house setup in which we add a one-time installation fee. All data generated by the software is property of the customer and is returned once the service is cancelled.

Truck Savant Pricing

1-249 Trucks

US$ 10 monthly/truck

250-499 Trucks

US$ 9 monthly/truck (10% discount)

500-749 Trucks

US$ 8 monthly/truck (20% discount)

750+ Trucks

US$ 7 monthly/truck (30% discount)

When you subscribe to Truck Savant VSO, you receive 24/7 application support. A 30-day trial period can be requested with even one truck.

To read the terms of the support contract, please click here. For subscription billing periods greater than one month, please contact us through this link. We accept wire transfers. For monthly subscriptions, you can use the Paypal options below.


Need Product Support?

Please remember that you can make any question before and during the software usage period. We offer a free demo period where you can test all the software features before purchasing. If all is not OK, contact us.