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Quick Pallet Maker Container Examples

This page contains a list of examples of how to use the Quick Pallet Maker container fill. For a list of pallet fill examples, please visit this page.

Basic Container Calculation

This basic example explains how to calculate a container fill using a pallet produced from default data.

Pasting Box and Pallet Data

This example explains how to copy box data from a spreadsheet and paste it in the container fill window.

Optimal Amount of Boxes in Container

Determine how many boxes of two types should be included in a container to optimize the payload.

Calculate Pallets and Containers

In this example, we use a shipment of products to first calculate a list of pallet and then the container in which the pallets will go.

Shipment with Finite Packages

This example explains how to create a container load with a certain number of primary packages in standard cases.

Multiple Box Sizes in Pallets

Explains how to load a container with a given number of products separated in two different box types, placed first on pallets.

Filling Containers Not Knowing Case Count

How to fit as many floor-loaded boxes as possible in a container.

Finite Number of Primary Packages to be Shipped

Calculate starting from primary package to box to pallet to container with a fixed amount of packages.

Mixing Pallets, Boxes and Drums in a Container

In Quick Pallet Maker we can combine elements with different shapes, counts and size to optimize the filling of a shipping container.

Stabilizing Container Loads

Transport four different types of products by land. These products are color-coded and need to be moved in a 45' container.

Picking the Right Container Type

A customer that is very new to road transport needs to move 40 pallets from one location to another in a trailer truck.

Calculating Shipping Costs

The purpose of this example is to show how QPM can be used for calculating shipping costs for a given route.

Fitting Multiple Boxes in One Container

Fit as many objects it can into one container in an irregular fashion, starting from the first element in the list.

Cylinders Onto Pallets In Containers

The purpose of this example is to explain how to load cylinders onto pallets and then in containers.

Multiple Primary Packages in Single-Size Case

Container shipping feature saves shipping costs in Standard Pallets and Cases window.
Click here to see the example.

Package to Box to Container

The following example explains how to create boxes from primary package dimensions when we know the case count.

Moving a Pallet Across Containers

This example explains how to move an item from one container in a shipment to the other.

Loading Multiple Pallets

This example explains how to load multiple pallets onto the Container Fill window that had been saved previously in a Quick Pallet Maker XML text file.

Calculate Lowest Shipping Cost in Containers

The purpose of this example is to determine which container type will ship a given box using real freight data

Changing the Container Type

This example explains how to change the container size of one or more containers from a shipment.

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